The InVID-WeVerify plugin

logo InVID-WeverifyWe teach you how to use the InVID-WeVerify toolbox adopted by many journalists and fact-checkers to debunk disinformation especially for visual verification of images and videos.

The InVID-WeVerify plugin, named after the two European projects in which it was developed, is available free of charge for all Chrome-based browsers. With more than 57.000 weekly active users worldwide, it has become an essential tool for fact-checkers and journalists, but also for human rights defenders and media literacy .

This toolkit, a "Swiss army knife" for verification, also includes a classroom section with educational content, videos, and gamification, as well as a demonstration section that allows users to practice verifying manipulated images and videos on their own. The classroom was developed in the framework of the European YouCheck! project and is now being enhanced in the YouVerify project.
The classroom is accessible directly from the extension's launch menu.

icon-20  Install the InVID-WeVerify plugin in a few clicks