MOOC "Disinformation step by step"

Media and Information Literacy Online Course.

Learn how to implement actions against disinformation

A course supported by the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture and the International Organization of La Francophonie.

Who is it for?

Open to anyone interested in disinformation. In particular, educators, facilitators, teachers, librarians, journalists and continuing education professionals.

What is on the menu?

5 main themes

  • Getting familiar with Media and Information Literacy and critical thinking
  • Understanding the Information-Disinformation factory in the digital age
  • Mastering the verification of images and videos
  • Developing refutation strategies and creating counter-narratives
  • Setting up your own project to combat visual disinformation

Why join?

  • An essential theme for our democracies.
  • A complete training that will allow you to ACT and will help you to build your own ready-to-go project to fight against disinformation
  • An Open Badge delivered when you complete the course

Sign up to meet a community of practice! During 1 month, you will benefit from online modules, weekly webinars and daily exchanges between peers.